In A Mother’s Arms

“An absorbing family drama with intricately developed main
characters connected through comprehensive themes of feminism, motherhood, and Judaism.” – (Kirkus Review)

“Generations of a Jewish immigrant family navigate issues of assimilation
and belonging … colored with considerable historical details.” – (Clarion)

“… Watching Laura and Sol’s lives unfold from beginning to end
will feel as comfortable as slipping into an old pair of shoes.” – (Blue Ink)


IN A MOTHER’S ARMS is about the lives of three women, Laura, the matriarch, Rose, her rebellious daughter, and Cari her granddaughter, their trials and triumphs as women and mothers in the first half of the tumultuous twentieth century. LAURA Laura’s life begins in Hungary, with the brutal murder of her mother. Left motherless, and unaccustomed to the love of family, she has a burning desire to change her life. On the cusp of the twentieth century, Laura immigrates to America. She marries Sol Silberman, a Jewish Polish immigrant, joining him in the struggle to achieve the American dream. Wanting to avoid another pregnancy, Laura decides to deny Sol access to her body. Their marriage is threatened until Laura discovers the meaning of love. ROSE Laura’s tempestuous daughter, Rose, longs to be a liberated, modern woman. Her family’s values and beliefs are tossed away when she develops a passion for Latin dancing and a forbidden, Latin lover. She learns her misbehavior has life-changing consequences when she discovers she is pregnant. CARI Cari sees herself as her parent’s mistake and suffers from their tempestuous relationship. Her mother’s self-absorption and her father’s neglect leave her lonely and fearful.



In A Mothers Arm by Deborah Eiseman Book Trailer from AuthorCentrix on Vimeo.

Portrait in Desperation

“… Enjoyment comes from Eiseman’s ability to keep numerous suspenseful elements simmering…

A tense, clear-eyed novel of survival.” – (Kirkus Reviews)


Attracted by her beauty and innocence, Isuf Januzaj, a powerful Albanian crime lord, chooses twelve-year old Kaitrina Bogdani to be his bride. Forced into a marriage with Isuf, teenaged Kaitrina has to survive his perversion and jealousy. After witnessing a heinous act of violence, she flees her husband and hides from him in Philadelphia, changing her identity. She falls in love with Mark D’Angelo, an artist, who is ignorant about Kaitrina’s past. She must return to her husband to protect Mark. Her return leads to violence, death and desperation.