I’ve been working on my third novel and pushing it out has dragged on for weeks and weeks.  Chapter 5 is stuck somewhere in a traffic jam – I’ve got nothing.  Sometimes I look at my computer as if it’s the enemy.  There it sits on my table, my laptop, looking back at me with reproach, the silver monster. “Why are you neglecting me?” I answer, “I need inspiration.  I need a brain enema.” I remember having my first child and yelling, “Give me drugs!”  There’s no drug I can take for writer’s constipation.  Sometimes I want to drop the whole thing.  IN […]
  • Bronx Author Explores her ‘Crazy and Wild’ Imagination in Newest Novel
    by Colleen Digney May 31, 2019 The vision she conjured in her head of a lonely woman sitting on a staircase sparked Bronx author Deborah Eiseman’s chilling and suspenseful new romance novel, Portrait in Desperation. There are many layers to unpack in this thriller with a romance intertwoven in the midst of it all. The story follows the life of a 12-year-old girl who is forced into a marriage with no escape. The girl experiences physical and emotional abuse as she endures a controlling marriage. The villain is an Albanian crime lord who is, “so evil […]
    I retired from a long career as a teacher in DeWitt Clinton High School. I was an adjunct instructor for several universities training teachers. My two adult daughters have left the nest and I love to brag about my brilliant eight-year-old grandson. Physical challenges due to the unpredictability of secondary progressive MS have limited my independence and I’ve become more dependent on my wonderful husband and a part-time caregiver. I hate being so dependent but I am forced to accept the reality that I need help. Realizing I’ve entered a new phase […]
  • Warm Day Surprise By Deborah Eiseman
    An unexpected warming Confused February Hastily opened windows Invite the weather Inside homes The Hudson River In the past week A prisoner of a Polar freeze A blanket of mist skims its surface As warmth invades cold and ice flees the warming sun to the shaded shore The setting sun Draws a blazing line of light Across the river Its mirrored calm to be chilled once again by a frigid reminder in the evening it still is winter […]
  • Tis The Season To Feel Stressful
    It’s dark way too early… I can’t wake up late or I lose daylight. If I lose daylight my mood darkens with the night. I peer into my office and do an about face. The room is full of unwrapped gifts waiting for me. They scorn my procrastination crying, “Wrap me, make me pretty.” Long rolls of gift wrap paper are propped against the wall. Do I have enough tape, ribbons and bows? Where are the good scissors? This is a task for two people. My husband wraps – I record and write the cards. For some unknown reason, he always starts wrapping at night when […]