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Dear Readers,

I’ve always been a fan of women’s literature, my premier novel, IN A MOTHER’S ARMS is a homage to women in the first half of the twentieth century.   The book was inspired by a family story about my great-grandmother in Hungary at the end of the nineteenth century.  She was brutally murdered, the circumstances unknown, when my grandmother was only a four-months-old infant.

The details are lost in the past and my imagination lead me to invent them by writing a saga about three generations of women and their complex relationships.  My characters survive many challenges in the first half of the twentieth century: gender discrimination, two world wars, the Great Depression, love, marriage, divorce and motherhood.   My readers will draw many parallels to issues women face today.

I began my writing career in earnest after I retired from teaching and raising a family. I’ve lived in New York all my life and have been married to my wonderful husband for most of my adult life.  Women authors are my favorite reads and I carry a book wherever I go.  It’s my relaxation and my passion.  I performed in community theater for years and taught playwriting through improvisation, honing my skills in writing dialogue. I’m an unashamed romantic and love to get involved in the characters I read about.  When the book is really good, I hate for it to end.

My second book, PORTRAIT IN DESPERATION, a romance/suspense novel, was a challenge.  I had a wonderful time inventing a villain, so despicable, my readers hate him and root for an appropriate ending.  I am presently working on my third novel.

When I’m not creating novels, I’ve written several non-fiction articles which have been published in an online newspaper, Magazine.  I’ve also written several short stories that appeared in an annual journal, Reflections, a compilation of the work of many writers, retired teachers like me.

I hope my readers enjoy my novels and other writings as much as I enjoyed writing them. I’d love to hear your comments.



Deborah Eiseman

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