I retired from a long career as a teacher in DeWitt Clinton High School. I was an adjunct instructor for several universities training teachers. My two adult daughters have left the nest and I love to brag about my brilliant eight-year-old grandson. Physical challenges due to the unpredictability of secondary progressive MS have limited my independence and I’ve become more dependent on my wonderful husband and a part-time caregiver. I hate being so dependent but I am forced to accept the reality that I need help. Realizing I’ve entered a new phase in life, I needed something to do to give myself a purpose, a reason to get out of bed.

I turned to writing and acrylic and digital art. So far, I’ve written and published two novels and I’m working on a third. IN A MOTHER’S ARMS a fictional saga about three generations of women from 1882 to 1958. I wrote about the challenges these women faced in the tumultuous first half of the twentieth century. My second novel, PORTRAIT IN DESPERATION, is a romance suspense story. A young Albanian-American girl is forced to marry a sadistic Albanian crime lord. Her innocence destroyed, she flees to another city, takes on a new identity and finds romance.

Now I have a new reason for getting out of bed in the morning. I’ve written several articles for an online newspaper, thisisthebronx.info/magazine and will be marketing my novels at the Book Expo in the Jacob Javits Convention Center this Spring. I even have a website, deboraheisemanbooks.com.

It is easy to despair when this disease steals very basic abilities away like dressing and self-care. I had to redefine myself. I also had to learn a hard lesson in humility. I need to accept the help of other people to do things for me. It’s a struggle but in many ways, it makes me stronger, more disciplined and grateful for the love and care I receive.

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